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1964 Dodge Polara

330 2 DR Sedan 426 Max Wedge Super Stock



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426 Max Wedge Super Stock 750 Roller Cam
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This original factory Aluminum front end 426 Max Wedge Race car was given to Bill Maverick Golden to race in late 1963. It set several records in Southern California in late 1963 and early 1964.This car has been my personal race car since 1974. I raced this car at SIR in Seattle from 1975 to 1984. It turned consistent 10:6's, 10'7's--127-128 MPH depending on track conditions. On todays track conditions and todays tires, I am quite sure it will run easy 10:5's. When I bought the car it had at least 3 or 4 paint jobs, the last being a cheap blue Earl Shreib paint job. As soon as I got it to my bodyshop in Seattle, I disassembled it and stripped it to bare metal. It had no rust, no bondo, no dents, even the aluminum front sheet metal was totally straight. It had no modifications to the body when I bought it. I split the original rear wheel wells and inserted a sheet metal spacer to widen the wheel wells to handle the 14X32 slicks nicely.They look mostly original except wider. I knew when I bought the car it had factory race race history behind it, but not much else. Before we chemically stripped the paint I was told it was probably Bill Maverick Goldens SS race car. I found an Ad in July of 1964 Hot Rod magazine from Racer Brown that showed a colored photo of his car. From that I was able to sand carefully at the two tone paint division areas and and was able to determine this was the yellow and black Maverick car. Not knowing anything about this Bill Maverick Golden I simply decided to refinish the car in red as I am a red kind of guy and it had a red interior. The Super Stock rear leaf springs are moved inboard. The new Dana 60 is a Chrysler factory narrow rear differential with a Chrysler heavy duty drive shaft and U Joints. It has a Heavy duty race ready manual shift 727 torqueflite transmission with a 5000 RPM stall converter. The motor was build from duplicate engine specs and internal parts from the MR. Wood 64 Aluminum front end Plymouth raced by Andy Bodwin and Bob Hickman of Riverside, CA. They set the super stock D/A record at 10:4 in 1973 or 74. The interior is all original except the carpet. The odometer reads 93 miles. As per Bill Maverick's documentation he disconnected the speedometer after driving the car to the shop where he prepped it to race. I have a letter and other memorabilia from Bill documenting this car to be his original. There are 1/24th plastic models of this car that were authorized by Bill to be made, which I have. I believe 100 that are signed by Bill. I became great friends with Bill in 1995 when he was contracted to show his little RED Wagon at the Metro car show in Billings, Mt. He had me show my, formally his, 64 Dodge Max Wedge SSDA car with his little Red Wagon at that show. I traveled to many events with Bill and learned a lot from him about his time with this car. Chrysler Historical also documented this car as an original Chrysler build Aluminum front end 426 12.5 to 1 Max Wedge car. Being a car that was built for a factory racer(Bill Maverick Golden) it was built with a four speed and also the Push button shifter installed and extra parts like a 727 Torqueflite & torque converter etc. It also had a very rare cast iron header that required a special right front inner fender side shield for clearance. This header had two exhaust outlets per header. To the best of what I have been told and other written info there was maybe as few as 6 or less of these headers and cars built to accept them. Unfortunately they were very heavy and when NHRA changed their rules and allowed lighter aftermarket headers to be used, the factory cast iron headers were taken off. Maverick took his off and hung them on the garage wall. Unfortunately they are now a piece of lost history. I love this car and have many great memories with it. It has been in climate controlled shops ever since I owned it. I really do not want to sell this car unless it is worth six figures to you as it is worth that to me.

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